Nick Jones Therapy Counselling & Psychotherapy in Brentwood, Essex

How Does Therapy Help?

A therapist will listen without judgement to your experiences and how you’re feeling, and help you to make sense of both. This process can help develop a greater capacity to bear painful experiences, as well as find more enjoyment in work, interests and relationships.

Therapy is an exploratory process and many concerns can be fruitfully brought to it. The following are some of the areas of difficulty which commonly bring people here:

  • Feeling anxious, panicky or unaccountably worried
  • Feeling depressed or low
  • Relationship difficulties, whether with partners or family members
  • Sexuality or sex-related issues
  • Anger, aggression or violence
  • Work pressures or problems
  • Substance use
  • Compulsive behaviours
  • Obsessional thinking
  • Identity
  • Creativity
  • Feeling lost or unfulfilled
  • Abuse of any kind, whether past or current
  • Trauma
  • Loss

    It is quite common to be unsure whether psychotherapy can help, or to feel anxious about starting. Please feel free to get in touch with any questions or to arrange a consultation – this can help work out whether psychotherapy is right for you.

  • Starting Therapy

    Starting psychotherapy can feel daunting. You may have a number of questions to explore, and it can take some time to find the therapist you feel is right for you. Before deciding whether to embark on ongoing work together, we would meet for an initial consultation. This is a meeting lasting up to ninety minutes, and provides an opportunity for you to put into words what has prompted you to seek therapy and for us to decide if ongoing psychotherapy would be helpful.

    Should we decide to continue, we would agree a mutually suitable fee and time at which to meet. Ongoing sessions would be at the same time each week and last for fifty minutes. The regularity and consistency of sessions is helpful in providing a stable setting to explore deeper-lying issues.

    How much does therapy cost?

    My fees are between £55 and £95 per session, in accordance with what you can afford. An initial consultation, lasting up to 90 minutes, is charged at £75.

    What is Psychodynamic Psychotherapy?

    Psychodynamic psychotherapy works with the premise that our early experiences affect us in our adult lives. While we may not be able to recall much of our early experience, the difficulties which remain unresolved manifest in our later relationships, and in our sense of who we are. Often, these same difficulties come to light within the therapy itself, offering an opportunity to understand them better.

    The therapeutic process can facilitate deep and long-lasting changes in how you understand yourself and how you relate to others. It can help develop the capacity for more fulfilling relationships, a greater sense of freedom in the choices you make, and a more robust sense of who you are.

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